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$ 739
A unique opportunity to experience the amazing diversity of Peruvian natural wonders!.
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Nicolas Roux & Daughter (Belgium & France)
5 days / 4 nights Program: Cusco, Sacred Valley of the Incas & Machu Picchu
Dear Rosa Amelia,
Sorry for responding only now but I traveled a lot the last three months and could not managed to answer you earlier. Please find attached a photo of me and my daughter while we were in Machu Picchu . It was grea...
Monica Letts Family & Friends (Germany)
11 days / 10 nights Program: Cusco, Sacred Valley of the Incas, Machu Picchu, Puno Lake Titicaca & Tambopata

We booked our 10 day/11 night tour of Peru with this company and we only have PRAISE for them. The lady who prepared our tour, Rosa, was very thorough and precise with our wishes and catered for every single one of them. She took into consideration the fact that we wer...

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From: Rosemary and Lew Haddad
Sent: Monday, June 08, 2009 10:13 AM
Subject: Great Service


We are now back in Montreal, Canada after our trip to Peru.

I want to thank you for your wonderful service. Everything worked out perfectly: pick-up at our hotel in Cusco (by a lovely, courteous person), delivery of train tickets to Machu Picchu, escort to inn at Machu Picchu, pick-up at Poroy (even though the train arrived there hours late), and delivery back to our Cusco hotel.

We so appreciated your attempts to contact us to make sure that you had all the information you needed to complete the arrangements (you even called our home; we found your telephone message when we arrived here).

And it was always such a pleasure communicating with you. My hat is off to you and to PeruRooms.


Rosemary Haddad

Montreal, Canada

From: Eddie & Patti
Sent: Sunday, June 07, 2009 02:01 PM


Date of trip: April 2009

My husband and I hope you read this to see why we really cannot recommend Perurooms highly enough!

We travel as much as we can, and we make all of our reservations ourselves, by booking hotels and flights online; but after our experience with Rosa Amelia Merino and, we realize the value of a efficient, knowledgeable, caring Travel Agent.

Our original plans for our trip to Peru started out okay but went from okay to bad to worse to panic-time. A group of 5 of us were cohered into using a gift voucher for a travel agency and we tried to put our trip together. It appeared feasible enough, though quite expensive even with the $2,000 voucher. After SIX WEEKS of wasted time, effort and frustration on our part to finalize our itinerary, the problems we encountered were so complicated that we found ourselves having to start COMPLETELY over to salvage our trip to Peru. Fortunately, we saw information about on Trip Advisor, and that's when Rosa Amelia SAVED our trip.

By this time, we had about 13 days left to finalize all of our lodging, tours, and flights around the dates we needed to travel. And Spring break is a busy time of year for tourism in Peru! Rosa Amelia told us not to worry, and we never had to. She managed to get us seats on the Vista Dome train to Machu Picchu (after a few other agencies said it was impossible), to get us flights from Lima to Cusco at the best price we'd heard of, AND helped us secure hotels that were affordable and excellent.

Every bit of advice and information she gave us was accurate and extremely helpful. For example, she recommended we stay in the Sacred Valley before staying in Cusco to allow ourselves time to acclimate, and between the two we took our trip overnight to Machu Picchu. This advice was really helpful, as one of our party found out he was susceptible to altitude sickness. She also suggested we stay in Pueblo Machu Picchu Pueblo to allow ourselves more time in the area, which was one of our favorite parts of the trip. We stayed at the very reasonable and comfortable Hostal Presidente, on the river, surrounded by good restaurants and shopping

The tours Rosa Amelia booked for us were EXCELLENT. Our Cusco tour guide for much of the trip was everything we could ask for in a guide--knowledgeable, English speaking, truly nice, and patient. In fact, all of our tour guides were TENS, including our Machu Picchu guide (sorry, we don't recall his name).

When we returned home, we discovered we'd left a backpack full of items of value to us in the Lima airport! We agonized when we realized we had put no identification on it, since we'd added it as a last-minute carry-on. The airline wasn't able to help us, and we called Rosa Amelia. In spite of her non-stop travel agency work, she contacted the lost and found department (not a simple task) and learned that a black leather backpack HAD turned up at the Lima Airport the night of our departure. At our request, she diligently pursued our backpack, which involved translating an affidavit from us as to the contents, copies of our passports, several trips to the Lima airport, as well as her many unanswered phone calls to the lost and found department.

We not only had a fantastic ten days in Peru, but we got all of our belongings back, thanks only to Rosa Amelia and Perurooms. One item in the backpack she retrieved for us is my husband's custom-made leather jacket from Buenos Aires, which he is wearing in one of the photos of us included here.

Kind regards and happy traveling,

Patricia Powers and Edward Slimak

Vero Beach, Florida, USA

From: Tanya Martinez
Sent: Wednesday, June 03, 2009 12:25 AM


We would like to thank you for an excellent service. We had trusted you with our week long trip in Peru and you didn't let us down.

Be able to communicate with you via email and accessing the toll free phone number from the US really helps making the whole booking process so smoothly. We also like the option to print the vouchers and the no-extra-charge for credit card payments.

We especially like to thank you for the extra effort that you put in to handle the last minute change of schedule due to the train cancellation. Our Machu Picchu experience would have been ruined if you didn't take action to reschedule our trip. That would have been devastated.

Again, thank you so much.

We definitely will recommend your service to all of our friends for their travel needs in Peru.

Tanya and Andres Martinez

California, USA

From: Jeanne Preis
Sent: Monday, June 01, 2009 11:06 PM


Thank you for a wonderful trip. All of our arrangements were flawless.

We enjoyed our guided trip through Lima. We love Peruvian food. All of our meals were wonderful but the Huaca Pucllana was outstanding. We all tried the Pisco Sour, alpaca, guinea pig and the wonderful tamales.

Cusco arrangements were perfect. We had wonderful guides (Juan C. was very knowledgeable). Machu Picchu was amazing. Orient Express train was wonderful. Loved Aquas Calientes. In hind sight I wish we would have spent the night. Our guide for Machu Picchu was outstanding.

Thank you for helping us with the memorable family vacation.

Jeanne Preis (USA)

From: Stoll, Emma
Sent: Sunday, May 24, 2009 09:33 PM
To: Rosa Amelia Merino -


Dear Rosa,

Here is our testimonial:
We recently returned from a 2 week trip to Peru which we planned ourselves with the help of Rosa at
We visited Lima, Amazon Jungle, Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machu Pica and Lake Titicaca. Not only was she excellent she was also very helpful planning with whole trip and even when we had questions during the trip she helped us along the way. She booked our hotels, trains, taxis, day tours and boat passage.
We were trying to get the train from Machu Picchu all the way back to Cusco when Reru Rail's web site told us it was not available but she was able to arrange it with her connections. She had our vouchers and train tickets delivered to the local hotels in Lima and Cusco.
She arranged an overnight stay (which she recommended) on Amantani Island with a local family that was one of the highlights of the trip. I will include some pictures.
Rosa Amelia is easy to reach via Chat and email and she also has an 800 number. We recommend her very highly. She is the best travel agent we have ever dealt with.

Kindest Regards,

Emma and Luis Trujillo

New Mexico (USA)

From: Brian DeBruine
Sent: Friday, May 22, 2009 02:52 PM
To: Rosa Amelia Merino -



Thank you once again for helping make our trip to Peru such a success.
We're so grateful that you were able to obtain train reservations for us that we were not able to get on our own. That must be a powerful magic wand you have!

We're especially grateful for the fast response you gave us to our last-minute requests. Truly, our trip would have had a few disasters without your help!

Thank you so much,

Brian DeBruine (USA)

From: Bywater, Tim
Sent: Saturday, May 02, 2009 12:39 PM
To: Rosa Amelia Merino -
Subject: Rosa Amazing Service

Dear Rosa:

That was the most amazing service I have ever received from anyone in the travel business; I don’t know how you did it but it was incredible. If I could let your boss know about how quickly and efficiently you helped me, I’d be happy to!!! Or you can send him this e-mail.

Many thanks and warm wishes. By the way, do you help folks with their travel plans to anywhere other than Peru? I’d love to work with you again!

Tim Bywater (USA)

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