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A unique opportunity to experience the amazing diversity of Peruvian natural wonders!.
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Nicolas Roux & Daughter (Belgium & France)
5 days / 4 nights Program: Cusco, Sacred Valley of the Incas & Machu Picchu
Dear Rosa Amelia,
Sorry for responding only now but I traveled a lot the last three months and could not managed to answer you earlier. Please find attached a photo of me and my daughter while we were in Machu Picchu . It was grea...
Monica Letts Family & Friends (Germany)
11 days / 10 nights Program: Cusco, Sacred Valley of the Incas, Machu Picchu, Puno Lake Titicaca & Tambopata

We booked our 10 day/11 night tour of Peru with this company and we only have PRAISE for them. The lady who prepared our tour, Rosa, was very thorough and precise with our wishes and catered for every single one of them. She took into consideration the fact that we wer...

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Archaeological & Culture



Trujillo & Chiclayo 3d/2n

Classic Cusco & Machu Picchu 2 nights
Pathway to Adventure Tour 4d/3n
Inca Heartland 4d/3n
Highland Treasures Tour 5d/4n



Lares Valley to Machupicchu 7d/6n
Inca Trail & Cusco
Salkantay to Machupicchu 7d/6n


Amazon River Cruises



Exploring to the Pacaya Samiria 3d/2n
Heliconia Amazon River Lodge 2d/1n
Heliconia Amazon River Lodge 3d/2n

Delfin Luxury 4d/3n
Delfin Luxury 5d/4n
Aqua Expeditions High Water 4d/3n
Aqua Expeditions Low Water 4d/3n
Aqua Expeditions High Water 5d/4n
Aqua Expeditions High Water 5d/4n

Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica 3d/2n
Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica 4d/3n
Posada Amazonas 3d/2n
Posada Amazonas 4d/3n
Refugio Amazonas 6d/5n
Heath River Wildlife Center 4d/3n
Sandoval Lake Lodge 3d/2n
Sandoval Lake Lodge & Macaw Clay Lick 5d/4n
Tambopata Research Center 5d/4n
Tambopata Research Center 6d/5n

Puno Titilaka 2d/1n
Puno Titilaka 3d/2n
Suasi Island Lake Titicaca 2d/1n
Suasi Island Lake Titicaca 3d/2n

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Tours in Lima
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Cusco - Short Trail to Machupicchu 2d/1n
Cusco - Classic Inca Trail to Machupicchu 4d/3n
Cusco - Huchuy Qosqo Trek 1d
Cusco - Huchuy Qosqo Trek 2d/1n
Cusco - Salkantay to Machu Picchu 4d/3n
Cusco - Lares Valley to Machupicchu 4d/3n
Cusco - Choquequirao 4d/3n
Cusco - Ausangate 5d/4n

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Peru Viajes & Noticas Turismo
Peru uncovers new stretch of Inca trail
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Scouting out the Top Ten Experiences of Southern Peru (Part II)
Scouting out the Top Ten Experiences of Southern Peru (Part I)
Arequipa to celebrate its anniversary with 4 km parade
First Unlooted Royal Tomb of Its Kind Unearthed in Peru
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World Travel Awards makes history in Lima, Peru
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Corpus Christi celebration in Cusco
World's most amazing Incan Ruins
The huacas of Pre-Hispanic Lima
Celebrate National Potato Day with festivals, special menus and more
Peru's Manú National Park celebrates its 40th anniversary
Gaze Over the Inca City of Machu Picchu, Peru
Escape from Lima: La Punta
A beach ride on a Peruvian paso, the world's most comfortable horse
Record Number Of Jaguars Spotted
Peru to inaugurate Grand Museum of Tawantinsuyu by 2014
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Livin’ large like Bono at Hotel Sol y Luna
Who knew? Lima, Peru, is South America’s secret new hipster hangout
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Cordillera Azul National Park In Peru Boasts New Lizard Species Discovery
Peruvian anticucho stall among ‘world’s best-kept secrets’
Peru to host Dakar Series 2013
Peru to showcase Inca treasures at Moscow
Peru's Mistura 2013 to take place on September 6-15
Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship Names Co-Founder of Rainforest Expeditions, Kurt Holle,Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2013
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10 Holidays for the food obsessed
New Tucume museum to reopen after architectural works
Lima warms up for Dakar Rally
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Machu Picchu wins world's leading green destination award
Peru named world's leading culinary destination
New Species of Spider Discovered in Peruvian Amazon
Titilaka Makes a Difference
Rainforest Expeditions Encourages Guests to Pack for a Purpose
The world’s highest resolution image of Machu Picchu released
Lonely Planet hails Peru’s Chachapoyas as a top-10 region for 2013
Machu Picchu Secrets
Conservation Biology Techniques Of Parrots And Macaws In The Peruvian Amazon
NZ Herald article spotlights Lake Titicaca in Peru
Cusco voted second best city in Latin America
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Jordan King tours Peru's archaeological sites
First Marriott in Cusco
Over 80,000 tickets for Peru's Mistura food festival already sold
At Rainforest Expeditions Remote Tambopata Research Center
The World's Most Exotic New Luxury Hotels
Rainforest Expeditions Names Peruvian Amazon’s Big Five
Rainforest Expeditions - Hot Water Available at All Our Lodges!
Savour the flavours: Peruvian cuisine is going global
Machu Picchu documentary nominated for Emmy Award
Manu National Park prepares for peak tourist season in May
Dakar Rally to bring adrenaline and tourists to Peru
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Peru cruise: eating up the Amazon
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Amazon River celebrated as new wonder of nature
Peruvian photography exhibition in Sydney to celebrate Machu Picchu Centenary
Pachacamac to become Peru's First Green City
Lima, Peru voted top food & drink destination by Frommer's
Bird-watching seen as Peru’s new tourism potential
Jorge Chávez Airport chosen Best Airport in South America by Skytrax Research
Machu Picchu named best ecotourism destination in South America
Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum attracts more foreign tourists
Mick Jagger amazed by Machu Picchu’s majesty
Madre de Dios to honor Mick Jagger as tourism ambassador
Delfin Amazon Cruises - Kayaks
Mick Jagger 'attracted' by Peru's tourist destinations
Villa Swamps to have museum, panoramic viewpoint for visitors
Peru is seen as gastronomic destination
Peru’s cuisine scene set to excite Australians
Iquitos to welcome tourists with crafts, typical dishes
Washington Post puts Colca Valley churches in the spotlight
Manu: Peru's eden in the Amazon
Aqua Expeditions' new river cruiser M/V Aria sets sail
Mistura organizers target one million visitors next year
Peru to invest US$141.9 million to develop eight tourist destinations
Luxury train to Machu Picchu wins Conde Nast Traveller award
Cusco to celebrate World Tourism Day with artistic, academic activities
Peru expects over 3.5 million tourists by 2016
Hundreds of tourists visit interactive center at Manu National Park
Peru's Canatur organizes first exhibition for tourism providers in Ica
Tumbes aims to double tourist arrivals by 2012
Mistura celebrates 'the best of Peru’s unique cuisine'
Cajamarca promotes new tourist circuit with worship of water
Cajamarca presents new tourist circuits and attractions guide
Temporary exhibition of Machu Picchu pieces opened in Cusco’s Casa Concha
World's longest raft race looms in Iquitos, Peru
Lima to host International Destination Expo next year
Colorful parade kicks off Arequipa's founding anniversary celebrations
Inca Trail to Machu Picchu among top 10 hiking destinations
Peru's flagship airline to boost domestic tourism in Amazon region
Dundee explorer's search for lost city of Paititi in Peru
Loreto expects some 5,000 visitors during 16th Tourist Week
Over 14,000 tourists visited Lambayeque museums during national holidays
Tacna attracted 12,000 visitors a day during holidays
Peru's northern province offers new attractions
Peruvian style rotisserie restaurant opens in Maryland, US
Lima's main square to open to visitors during Humala inauguration
Lambayeque’s Holy Cross of Motupe fair to receive over 100,000 visitors
Over 550,000 tourists visit Arequipa in first half 2011
Pre-Inca tomb found in northern Peru
Peru suggests different travel destinations for national holidays
Over 2 million people to travel around Peru during national holidays
Lake Titicaca, best place to see ancient traditional cultures
Peruvian pisco to be served at iconic venues across US
Over 40,000 votes support Peruvian cuisine's Unesco bid
Peru expects 2.8 million tourists in 2011
US remains Peru’s largest source of tourists
Inti Raymi tickets almost sold out
Chachapoyas celebrates tourism week with festivals, contests, parades
Puno to launch promotional campaign to bring back tourists
Lima's Magic Water Circuit offers free admission during morning hours
Upgraded online booking system for tickets to Machu Picchu
Peru's Moche Route wins international tourism award
Travellers pick Machu Picchu as third-best world destination
New luxury cruises in the Peruvian Amazon
Mistura short documentary wins new award in the U.S.
Peruvian chefs add flavor to Quito, Ecuador
Peru's Astrid y Gaston restaurant in worlds top 50
Peru Travel News: Lima. Peru: The 'City of Kings' reigns again
Peru Travel News: Peruvian cuisine to be named Heritage of the Americas
Peru Travel News: Peru voted hottest up and coming destination
Peru Travel News: Peruvian cookbooks rewarded in Paris
Peru Travel News: Machu Picchu Inca Trail reopens after a month of maintenance work
Peru Travel News: Aqua Expeditions' Pedro Miguel Schiaffino Joins Most Influential Chefs in the World
Peru Travel News: More enigmatic geoglyphs found in Peru
Peru Travel News: Aqua Expeditions Prepares to Launch the M/V Aria on April 29. 2011
Peru Travel News: Archaeological discovery is good news for Peru tour operator
Peru Travel News: New tourism campaign targets southern Peru
Peru Travel News: Lima recognized as 'food city to watch'
Peru Travel News: Peru to promote alternative archaeological sites to Machu Picchu
Peru Travel News: Peru begins Pisco Sour Day celebrations
Peru Travel News: Amazonas promotes new tourist circuit
Peru Travel News: Puno promotes new tour around Lake Titicaca
Peru Travel News: European press tasted Peru's pisco cocktails at Madrid Fusion 2011
Peru Travel News: Suasi Island now only 2 hours from Juliaca's airport!
Peru Travel News: Jack Hanna's "INTO THE WILD" takes viewers into the remote Peruvian Amazon in 2011
Peru Travel News: Casa Andina Private Collection Hotels are now HACCP certified
Peru Travel News: Two new geoglyphs found in Nazca. Peru
Peru Travel News: Amazon begins 2011 as top finalist in New7Wonders of Nature competition
Peru Travel News: Cusco one of top exotic destinations for 2011
Peru Travel News: New Peruvian restaurant serves sophisticated modern Latin cuisine in San Francisco
Peru Travel News: Peru one of top holiday hotspots for 2011
Peru Travel News: Chincha gets ready to celebrate New Year with Afro-Peruvian music. gastronomy
Peru Travel News: Cusco celebrates New Year with moon fest and Andean ceremony
Peru Travel News: UK travel website promotes Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru
Peru Travel News: Cusco to celebrate year-end holidays with art. rituals and dances
Peru Travel News: Arequipa to launch cultural tourism route dedicated to Mario Vargas Llosa
Peru Travel News: Lima. a city of good eating
Peru Travel News: Apega seeks to turn Lima into gastronomic capital of Latin America
Peru Travel News: Ayacucho invites tourists to traditional Christmas. New Year celebrations
Peru Travel News: Sogay: A new tourist destination in Arequipa
Peru Travel News: Lima. Peru second best place to spend holidays
Peru Travel News: More than 100 000 tourist to visit Huaca de la Luna this year
Peru Travel News: Alleged large sized geoglyphs discovered near Lake Titicaca
Peru Travel News: APEC ministers visit Ballestas Islands and Paracas National Reserve
Peru Travel News: National Geographic films documentary on Chaparri reserve
Peru Travel News: Peru earning place on gastronomy circuit
Peru Travel News: Peruvian Cuisine day to be celebrated 2nd Sunday of September
Peru Travel News: Huaca Mateo Salado to include site musem
Peru Travel News: Taca to launch four direct flights from its Lima hub
Peru Travel News: Paracas exhibition opens tonight at Lima museum
Peru Travel News: New Chachapoyan site found in Peru
Peru Travel News: Lambayeque to celebrate World Tourism Day with folklore music festival
Peru Travel News: Peru excellent place to enjoy eco-friendly holiday
Peru Travel News: Peru to be special guest at Madrid Fusion summit
Peru Travel News: World's top organic coffee producer to speak at Mistura fair today
Peru Travel News: Mistura Gastronomic Fair opens today in Lima
Peru - Travel News: Peru plans new access routes to Machu Picchu
News: The mystic and classic attractions of Peru
News: Peru plans new tourist route in Cusco
News: Peru - A country of contrasts and adventure
News: Delfin Amazon Cruises announce the launching of its new refurbished Delfin I
News: Peru's Lake Titicaca graces cover of Travel+Leisure magazine
News: Peru island of Taquile offers a lesson in culture. family-style
News: Some 10.000 tourists to enjoy Killarumiyoq Raymi in Cusco
News: Andean Railways to invest US$11 million in first year of operations
News: Article: Stone collection in Peru museum reveals ancient civilization
News: Machu Picchu to host 150.000 tourists through Inca trail this year
News: Moche Route to be promoted as Peru's second best tourist destination
News: TravelMart Latin America 2010 hits Lima September 22
News: Best Western to open $30-million hotel in Peru by late 2011
News: Tourists get ready to watch humpback whales in Peru northern beaches
News: Over 17.000 tourists visited Lambayeque museums during long weekend
News: Discover the wondrous Amazon on a gap year in South America
News: Andean Railways to compete on Ollantaytambo-Machu Picchu trips
News: Over 26.000 people visited Trujillo during National Holidays
News: Some 25.000 tourists to visit Kuelap fortress this year
News: Colca Valley receives record number of tourists during independence weekend
News: Nearly 120.000 tourists visited Puno in first half 2010
News: Lambayeque expects 10.000 tourists over Independence Day weekend
News: Ancient human remains found in Kuelap fortress
News: Amazon river still among top 14 natural wonders
News: Arequipa's Colca Canyon a land of superlatives. says Hello magazine
News: Lan Peru to launch Lima-Iguazu flights
News: Inca ceremonial offerings found in Machu Picchu
News: Video to show Ica's tourist attractions
News: Juliaca plans tour across Lake Titicaca for Independence Day holidays
News: Over 2000 tourists enjoyed daybreak at Tres Cruces de Oro
News: Over 140000 tourists visited Lambayeque museums in Jan-Jun
News: Olivia Newton John celebrates wedding anniversary in Cusco. Peru
News: Ecotourism festival to showcase attractions. gastronomy of Ancash
News: Peru luxury tourism up 50% over past three years
News: Promperu recommends tourist attractions during Independence Day holiday
News: Peru prepares pisco promotional campaign in Asia
News: Five new tourist routes to be opened in Colca Valley
News: Lambayeque region expects to receive 20.000 tourists during National Holidays
News: Peruvian authorities promote new VRAE-Machu Picchu route
News: Lima offers 7 tourist routes for July holidays
News: Lan Airlines starts Lima-Easter Island flights next year
News: Machu Picchu celebrates third anniversary as wonder of the world
News: A new Peruvian restaurant opens in Chile every three months
News: UK Telegraph advises travelers to take train to see the best of Peru
News: Nearly 160.000 tourists visited Machu Picchu since reopening
News: Cusco's archaeological parks to be promoted
News: Huacas del Sol y La Luna in Trujillo visited by 400 tourists a day
News: About 240.000 tourists visited Lambayeque in January-May
News: Lan launches Lima to San Francisco service
News: Cusco-Machu Picchu train service resumes today
News: About 5.500 tourists visited Arequipa during long holiday weekend
News: International tourists arrivals to Peru increased by 4.5% in first half 2010
News: Machu Picchu celebrates third anniversary as one of New 7 Wonders
News: Lan Peru to invest USD$1 billion in aircraft and technology by 2011
News: Arequipa to promote community-based rural tourism for National Holidays
News: Lima among world's cheapest cities for foreign tourists
News: Tourists to travel straight from Cusco to Machu Picchu since July 1
News: Callao celebrates Cebiche day on board Peruvian vessel
News: More luxury hotels open in Cusco
News: Peruvians celebrate National Cebiche Day on June 28th
News: Peru officially declares 3rd Sunday in July as 'Pollo a la Brasa' day
News: Peru moves 'Pollo a la Brasa' Day to 3rd Sunday of July
News: Peruvian cuisine poised to conquer Europe
News: Thousands attended Inti Raymi ceremony at Sacsayhuaman
News: Aerolineas Argentinas likely to launch Buenos Aires-Cusco flights in 2011
News: Spanish group El Corte Ingles to promote Peru worldwide
News: Gaston Acurio opens his second restaurant in Madrid
News: Cusco-Machu Picchu railroad to be reopened on June 25
News: Some 150.000 tourists to enjoy Inti Raymi in Cusco
News: Over 25.000 tourists visited Colca in Jan-Feb 2010
News: Some 150 tour operators attending Peru Travel Mart 2010 in November
News: Tourist access to Machu Pichu by train would be ready before April 1
News: Sandra Bullock. Sting and Bette Middler likely to visit Machu Picchu
News: Luxury hotel opens in Paracas. southern Peru
News: CADE 2010 to foster tourism in Sacred Valley of the Incas
ews: Luxury tourists eager to celebrate their weddings following Inca style
News: Libertador US$ 30 million luxury resort announces soft opening in Urubamba
News: Taca Peru schedules more flights to Guayaquil and Rio
News: Cusco expects some 800.000 tourists during high season
Peru News: Five essential tips before hiking Peru's Inca Trail
News: INC-Cusco promotes tourist circuit in Chinchero
News: Huaca de la Luna hosts its 'one million' visitor since opening
News: Archaeologists found pre-Hispanic tombs in northern Peru
News: Cusco takes the lead in Peru
News: New pyramid discovered in Peru linked to ancient copper industry
News: Paso horses dance to a unique beat in Peru
News: Gran Chimu National Museum has four possible construction areas
News: Peruvian cuisine a must for serious foodies. says Indian magazine
News: Peru to invite Sandra Bullock to boost tourism in Machu Picchu
News: Cebiche and chicha morada shined at food festival in Bolivia
News: Nearly 20.000 tourists visited Machu Picchu since reopening
News: Inkaterra plans to open two luxury eco-lodges in Peru by 2011
News: Tourists extend stay in Arequipa attracted by gastronomy
News: About 135.000 tourists visited alternative attractions to Machu Picchu
News: Peru's Chamber of Tourism prepares for Machu Picchu centennial
News: World Monuments Fund announced US$ 1 million grant to Huaca de la Luna
News: Peru to become the new core of world cuisine. says El Pais
News: Over 25.000 tourists visited Colca in Jan-Feb 2010
News: Peru declares 10 archaeological sites as National Cultural Heritage in La Libertad
News: New7Wonders happy at Machu Picchu re-opening
News: Luxury hotel resort opens in Cusco's Sacred Valley
News: Peruvian. British explorers discover new Machu Picchu
News: Over 1.200 tourists visited Machu Picchu on its reopening day
News: Susan Sarandon invites Hollywood stars to visit Inca Citadel of Machu Picchu
News: Machu Picchu mayor welcomes Susan Sarandon before heading to Inca Citadel
News: Machu Picchu reopens today. welcomes visitors with music and folklore
News: Machu Picchu people offer special welcome in reopening of Inca Citadel
News: Machu Picchu to reopen Thursday
News: Susan Sarandon to visit Machu Picchu
News: Machu Picchu reopening celebrated with 'Payment to the Earth' ceremony
News: Chan Chan citadel promoted in Huanchaco resort
News: Susan Sarandon visits Lake Titicaca. Andean communities in Puno
News: Hollywood star Susan Sarandon arrives in Cusco
News: Cusco-Machu Picchu route among world's 10 most scenic railways
News: Machu Pichu. Amazon and Arequipa. best attractions of Peru. says The Telegraph
News: Machu Picchu reopening generates worldwide expectations. says Minister
News: Hotels hot in Peru as new developments drive boom
News: Star Peru to launch Lima-Cusco-Rio Branco flight next month
News: Cusco-Machu Picchu route among world's 10 most scenic railways
News: INC Machu Picchu. Inca Trail to reopen April 1
News: Nasca Lines aerial views on National Geographic magazine
News: Operational plan on the way to Machu Picchu as of March 29th 2010
News: Lima international airport VIP lounge voted world's best by travellers
News: Trujillo authorities aim to increase visits to local archaeological site
News: Cusco's new tourist destinations to be promoted at ITB Berlin
News: Las Balsas ruins at Tucume archaeological complex open for tourism
News: 'Tesoro Aymara' circuit promoted to diversify tourist destinations in Puno
News: Peru's tourist attractions promoted in Brazil
News: Train trips to Machu Picchu to be resumed on March 29
News: Nasca Lines Decoded premieres Sunday on Nat Geo
News: Over 25.000 tourists visited Colca in Jan-Feb 2010
News: Tourist access to Machu Picchu by train would be ready before April 1
News: Lima named culinary capital of the Americas
News: Lima. sixth favorite city for businesses setting up among LatAm executives
News: Peru's tourist attractions promoted at ITB Berlin
News: Peru to reopen rail route to Machu Picchu on April 1
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