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Dozens of ancient Lambayeque civilization graves discovered in northern Peru

The discovery occurred while workers were installing pipes for a project to irrigate 5,500 hectares of “Valle Viejo.”
A group of employees of the concessionaire H2Olmos discovered funerary objects belonging to members of the Lambayeque culture’s elite last week. The discovery occurred while workers were installing pipes for a project to irrigate 5,500 hectares of “Valle Viejo.”
According to El Comercio, the bundles are approximately a few thousand years old and were buried in tombs in the western and eastern sections of the site know as La Huaca, located about half a mile from the center of Olmos, in an area called La Juliana I.
The contents of the tombs have not been completely unearthed, but archaeologists Kisely Chavez and Tomas Campos believe that adults were buried with ceramic objects, nose ornaments and other decorations.
Specialists have found evidence of calcified material, which indicates that the Lambayeque people may have used this place for ceremonies or sacrifices.
For the time being, the irrigation tube installation has been postponed while experts from the regional cultural agencies inspect the area. They are tasked with determining if there will be a full unearthing of the tombs and whether or not the project will continue.
Giovanni Palacios, director of the irrigation project, told El Comercio that if experts recommend a full archeological rescue in the area, her company would invest what is necessary to get the job done.
The Olmos irrigation project is 49 percent complete, with 26.8 out of 44 kilometers already installed, and is scheduled to begin operating in 2014.
Source: Peru this week and El Comercio newspaper, by Diego M. Ortiz
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