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Record Number Of Jaguars Spotted


Most visitors to the Tambopata Research Center have a 12% chance of seeing a jaguar, but every now and then some of these rare animals are spotted by a few lucky people.
However rare, during a recent photo tour photographer Jeff Cremer, biologist Phil Torres, guide Ruben Paiva, and tourists Devita Srey and Carsten Andersen spotted not one, not two, but three jaguars- all within one hour!

While heading down the river in a canoe. The boat driver spotted something in the water and called out to everyone that there was an animal crossing the river. Taking a closer look with binoculars, it turned out to be a sizeable male jaguar swimming with its head above water and visible to us. We stopped the boat and watched a the jaguar get out of the river, take a quick glance at us, and run into the jungle. 

Shortly after this excitement, we were turning the boat around to photograph birds when Devita shouted that there were two jaguars on the river bank.  It turned out to be a male and female getting some sun, and likely preparing to mate.

While one or two jaguars seen on a boat ride is always amazing, this is only the second time in this region that three jaguars have been spotted on a boat ride. Jaguars are a good indicator of a well-protected habitat, so it’s always good news to see this many.

This jaguar was first spotted swimming across the river, and we got a great look at it as it  ran up on shore and into the forest.
45 minutes downriver, we saw this female interacting with the male, below, and they were likely getting ready to mate.
Male jaguars are typically 10-20% larger than females, and this guy sure was big!

Source: Rainforest Expeditions
Photography: Jeff Cremer

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