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Dear Rosa Amelia,
Sorry for responding only now but I traveled a lot the last three months and could not managed to answer you earlier. Please find attached a photo of me and my daughter while we were in Machu Picchu . It was grea...
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We booked our 10 day/11 night tour of Peru with this company and we only have PRAISE for them. The lady who prepared our tour, Rosa, was very thorough and precise with our wishes and catered for every single one of them. She took into consideration the fact that we wer...

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NZ Herald article spotlights Lake Titicaca in Peru


The 'blue' waters and floating islands of Lake Titicaca in Puno, southeastern Peru, are highlighted in a recent article from The New Zealand Herald.

"Lake Titicaca's waters are as black as midnight. But as the sun creeps over the hills that surround the edges of the world's highest navigable lake and strikes the surface, those waters transform into a majestic blue and showcase how special the area is," Anna Leask writes for NZ Herald.

Her article, “Peru: Life on a lake,” tells readers about the Taquile and Uros communities who "live on man-made islands dotted around the lake," which was "named after the grey puma that used to stalk its shores."

When describing the Taquile island, Leask says "there are no cars on the island, no electricity and no hotels or shops. They don't have a single llama, horse or dog. But what it lacks in modernity it makes up for in its rich and vibrant culture."

As for the Uros islands, she labels them as a spectacular and intriguing place to visit. "They are man-made, built using the 36,000ha of totara reeds that grow on the lake."


Source: Andina


New guest lounge in Nauta, Peru
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