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Lake Titicaca, best place to see ancient traditional cultures


Lima, Jul. 14 (ANDINA). The best place to see one of Peru's oldest civilisations is Lake Titicaca, located in the quiet mountains that border Bolivia, and which this is the highest passable lake in the world, according to travel website


"When planning adventure tours to Peru, tourists are likely to fill their day with excursions to lost cities, jungles and breathtaking natural sights. But, it is also a brilliant opportunity to learn more about South America's ancient traditional cultures", says

Visitors come to this mountain lagoon to soak up the serene atmosphere, take a look at the still waterway locked between mountaintops and get closer to the communities that call Lake Titicaca their home.

Indeed, there are still many people who live on the islands in the water and you'll be able to gain a great insight into their daily lives by taking Peru tours here.

In an article named "Visit Lake Titicaca for traditional ancient cultures", the website said that within the 36,180 hectares that the lake occupies, there are a number of floating isles, such as Uros, Suasi, Amantani and Taquile.

Visitors can walk around and enjoy the view of the expanse of navy blue waters high in between mountain peaks, while children with plaits and ladies wearing bowler hats walk past you.

The inhabitants, which come from one of the oldest tribes in South America, still wear traditional clothing, such as colourful pleated skirts, woven cardigans and leather sandals.

Tourists can learn a lot about their culture and history on a trip to Lake Titicaca and gain a better understanding of how they manage to keep their customs alive in this modern age.

Taking a boat ride to Uros may give visitors an indication of how people here escape the rigmarole of city life. Visitors will be able to see how its inhabitants set up home in houses made out of reeds, which have been taken from the lake.

Indeed, communities here make a lot of use out of the plant and tourists will spot reed boats, toys and utensils, as well as huts.

There are also islands made out of the vegetation, with generations having spent their entire lives residing on plants taken from the water.

"If you stay in Lake Titicaca for a few days, you will soon appreciate how people get as much as they can from their local resources. They will find materials to make their home in the lake, as well as provide their transport, fuel and food".

"For those who want to stay overnight on one of the more established islands, such as Taquile, you'll be able to enjoy a traditional meal, made using authentic cooking methods and local produce."

Try a beef and lamb soup called sopa chairo or a stew made out of quinoa - a locally-grown crop - accompanied with fish. You may even want to taste alpaca, a relative of the llama, both of which can be found in abundance in Peru.

When you head back to land, your experience of Peruvian culture doesn't need to come to an end. The country has so many fantastic sights to see that you're likely to struggle to fit it all in.

However, for many people, a visit to Machu Picchu is a must when coming to this country. Inca Trail tours will give you an opportunity to make the legendary trek to Peru's lost city, hidden deep in the folds of the Andes, atop a mountain peak.

The 40-kilometre journey takes four days as you traverse through the Andean mountain range, scaling cloud forests, steep climbs and stony summits.

During this time, you'll be able to take in the stunning vista full of sharp mountaintops and imagine how the Inca civilisation built their impregnable city so far away from other towns.

Before arriving at Machu Picchu, seeing the site unfold behind the sunrise on the last morning of your walking holidays, you'll have the chance to see some smaller Inca ruins, whetting your appetite for the big site at the end of the excursion.

Machu Picchu is a great place to discover more about Peru's ancient civilisation - the Incas, who lived here between the 13th and 15th centuries. While you'll have had a close experience with the country's existing tribes, the Inca legacy died out in just over 100 years.

Despite only being around for a relatively short period of time, compared with the 20,000 years that people have occupied Peru, the Incas had a huge influence on its culture, history and sites, creating roads, buildings and towns that people continue to travel from all around the world to see.

"With such an interesting and varied history, Peru is a great place to visit if you want to see astounding views, as well as learn more about its cultures that have given the country such a unique and charming character", the article concluded.


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Source: Andina

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