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Dear Rosa Amelia,
Sorry for responding only now but I traveled a lot the last three months and could not managed to answer you earlier. Please find attached a photo of me and my daughter while we were in Machu Picchu . It was grea...
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We booked our 10 day/11 night tour of Peru with this company and we only have PRAISE for them. The lady who prepared our tour, Rosa, was very thorough and precise with our wishes and catered for every single one of them. She took into consideration the fact that we wer...

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News: Paso horses dance to a unique beat in Peru

Lima. May 20 (ANDINA). The Second National Marinera Horse and Step Dance Contest was recently held in Peru with the participation of several paso horse associations and marinera dancers.

NTD News reported on this important event which brings together two parts of Peruvian culture. the paso horse and the marinera dance. along with some of the country’s finest riders.
'I think that the beautiful thing about the Peruvian paso horse is that it identifies us as a nation. as a country. And in itself. the step is unique in the world. and that's what I like.' said paso horse rider Michelle Rizo-Patron.

Carlos Penny. a Peruvian citizen attending the event. said the show was really beautiful with 'people from around sharing that beautiful moment that means the national marinera dance.'

The marinera is a kind of courtship dance where a couple makes graceful movements with scarves. in a dance of joy and rhythm. It can be done on horseback. on foot or both.


Source: Andina

New guest lounge in Nauta, Peru
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