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Dear Rosa Amelia,
Sorry for responding only now but I traveled a lot the last three months and could not managed to answer you earlier. Please find attached a photo of me and my daughter while we were in Machu Picchu . It was grea...
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We booked our 10 day/11 night tour of Peru with this company and we only have PRAISE for them. The lady who prepared our tour, Rosa, was very thorough and precise with our wishes and catered for every single one of them. She took into consideration the fact that we wer...

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Article: Travel to Arequipa

Arequipa is a destination found in the Peruvian Highland and is the one of the chosen places for tourists to visit in Peru.  The city of Arequipa offers beautiful white structures made from the local volcanic ash. glazed with the Andean sun it makes for an incredible site and definitely photograph worthy.

Many travelers decide to come and visit the 'White City' as it’s locally known not only to witness the beautiful white architecture but to taste the local cuisine which is considered among the best in a country which already prides itself with its succulent dishes.  They can vary from river fish. shrimp and others to meats and vegetables; chupe de camarones (river shrimp chowder) or rocotto relleno (spicy stuffed bell peppers).

Arequipa city is also the access point to a variety of treks and hikes. the one which climbs the 'Misti' volcano being one of the more popular ones.   This one is usually done by thrill seekers and adventure travelers looking to camp out near or at the base of a volcano which still rumbles once in a while.

However you don’t have to leave the city to visit some great places. within the city you have the convent of Santa Catalina.  It still houses nuns which you guessed it are very skilled at cooking just like most Arequipenos as they are called.  However the nuns at this convent are specifically skilled in preparing ethnic desserts such as rice pudding. mazamorra morada and many others.

If you want you can also decide to visit one of the deepest canyons in the world; the Colca Canyon.  It’s much deeper than the Grand Canyon located in the United States and is surrounded by beautiful scenery packed with the local flora and fauna.

If you want to travel to Arequipa. Peru; get in contact with a professional travel agency such as  to get the best deals and experience an unbelievable vacation.

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